We are a market leading real estate developer with a vision to become a key investor throughout the Kingdom of Cambodia by means of land acquisition through our local government contacts and long-established local networks; specifically, in areas where land and property values are outperforming everywhere else in Asia.

CABRI Development Group is home to international investment and real estate professionals who are passionate experts in their fields who display a strong business acumen, potential for growth, a thirst for knowledge and economic gains, all delivered with a purposeful mindset.
Our Story
CABRI Development Group’s concept of developing Cambodian real estate begun in 2011 and was officially launched in 2012. CABRI Development Group stems from the founders of MA Group and Leander Group, home to a number of wholly-owned companies and joint-ventures in diverse sectors of the economy with a broad geographical footprint. CABRI Development Group is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, with offices in Dubai, Hong Kong and Phnom Penh. With the primary inspiration of evolving the landscape of Cambodia in a positive manner, CABRI Development Group strives to elevate the naturally promising landscape with vibrancy, growth opportunities, and a promise to benefit Cambodia’s nature, people and society in addition to our investors.
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Beyond Ordinary
We employ our passion and skills to see opportunities beyond the obvious. Based on our strong, intuitive and expert sense of business fundamentals and a deep understanding of how to unleash Cambodia’s true market potential in terms of capital gains and return on investment. In short, CABRI Development Group is capitalising on the enormous growth potential of the Cambodian real estate industry. We contend that Cambodia is the rising star within the region and offers unparalleled growth potential. As market visionaries, we believe this opportunity will unfold over the coming 5-10 years, meeting or even exceeding the scales that Thailand experienced some 15 years ago. CABRI Development Group is at the forefront of this change and it is our vision to join hands with like-minded investors, partners, teams and advisors who also see the “diamond-in-the-rough” opportunity beyond the ordinary.

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