Best Places for Investment in Cambodia


Kampot’s unleashed potential continues to grow and with the new seaport a matter of months from completion the race is on to meet the demand in tourism it promises to bring. With billions of dollars of national and international investment flooding into the coastal province, the leisurely seaside town now offers much more than just the world’s best pepper. 

With current developments in residential housing, tourist resorts and business centres, the local government is hoping it can attract even more investment into the region to accommodate the influx of tourists the new port will bring. With projects operating in line with international standards Kampot aims to welcome people from all over the globe.

Phnom Penh’s Central Business District

As the country’s capital, Phnom Penh stands out from the crowd when looking through investment and development figures. With a subtle blend of old and new throughout the city, the best opportunities for potential investors lie in new build condominiums or refurbishment of existing properties.

As more multinational businesses such as Nike and Toyota move their operations to the city seeking to take advantage of the low wage threshold, more skilled labourers come from mainland Southeast Asia looking for higher end properties and rental yields can often be as high as 10%pa.

With a great nightlife, superb transport links and thriving business districts the real estate market is booming. The Central Business District (CBD) is located at the heart of Phnom Penh and is the choice destination for expatriates with its international-standard infrastructure, modern business and innovation creating the perfect backdrop for budding business developments.

Siem Reaps Tourism Tenfold

With the lure of countless ancient temples, particularly the world-famous Angkor Wat Temple, Siem Reap has long been a popular destination for tourists and travellers. With increased numbers of Cambodian residents now choosing to settle in the area, the demand for domestic housing as well as hotels and tourist resorts have seen interest in Siem Reaps real estate sector skyrocket over the last decade.

After government announcements of the introduction of special tourism zones, several major projects have been earmarked for the region. The boost to land and property prices in the area make Cambodia’s second favourite city a fantastic prospect for real ROI on property investment and development.



With a growing population of expats, the colonial city of Battambang is Cambodia’s second largest. The increasing expat population demands a wide range of restaurants, bars and hotels and as such the city holds untapped potential for investment. Contrasted by the beautiful countryside that surrounds it there is the perfect balance of Khmer tradition and modern city living.

Through development of infrastructure from both state and private sectors, projects have started developing at a faster pace. The private sector has seen huge increases in real estate, particularly in housing development. Demand is high, and business is booming with thousands of projects ranging from small to large scale already underway.

Tools for the Trade

Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge in the 90’s, Cambodia’s economy has experienced a growth that skipped the global financial crash of 2008 without so much as a whimper. As the economy continues to expand, through political stability and the open market, investors continue to arrive at the shores keen to unlock the potentials held within the Kingdom of Wonder.

With land and property prices remaining relatively low and policy on foreign ownership relaxed, it is easy to see why Cambodia remains in the top ten of global indices for economic growth and such a popular destination for real estate investor.

Whilst we can point you in the right direction, some of the best opportunities of course lay off the beaten track. With a grand mix of colonial architecture and traditional Khmer colour and creativity the smaller towns and cities can hold some of the best potential.

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