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How secure is my investment?

From the outset, your investment benefits from a floating charge over the book of the CLN issuer.  In the event of any default by the Company or inability to make payments when due, the floating charge would crystalise into a fixed charge over all of the Company’s assets, including cash in any Company account, real estate and any other assets of the Company.

What track record does CABRI have?

CABRI is a new company to develop Cambodian assets. Our key employees and contractors have 100’s of years experience in development locally and internationally, and to an international standard (completed projects available on request).

What are the Group assets?


Can I exit before the 3 year term?

While it is possible for CLN investors to exit prior to the 3 year term (or prior to conversion, whichever occurs first), an early exit is not generally advisable.  The CLN and its primary economic benefits have been designed for investors who remain invested for the term or until a conversion option is exercised and the investor will bear the loss of any accrued but unpaid interest as well as other “break fees” associated with unwinding the CLN early.   

Under Conversion Option B, how do I exit within the 30 years once my capital is converted to equity?

The B Preference Shares of PCM are fully transferable, therefore exit after conversion would be by way of a secondary sale to third party equity investors that would become the new equity shareholders post-transfer/sale. 

Do I have to invest in USD?

The underlying assets are valued in USD, therefore it is advisable to invest in USD in order to avoid FX risk that may arise over the term of your investment. We can arrange for most currencies to be converted into USD at the request of an investor.

What are the tax implications investing in Cambodia?

All property sales are subject to tax (VAT, Income tax and capital gains) Cambodia however does have tax treaties with countries so you won’t be taxed twice on your income / profit.

Are there any additional fees or charges?

All of the fees and charges are as disclosed in the sales material, subject to change-in-law or other risks that are beyond the Company’s control.

Can I visit the site?

Yes, it is possible to visit the site and it is strongly advised that you organise any such visit with our in country representatives.

Can I buy a plot?

In certain instances, depending on the stage of development, it is possible to buy a plot. Please enquire further and our associates can explain the current status of such options