Kampot Seaport

The new seaport currently under construction in Kampot is set to become the gateway to Cambodia for many Southeast Asian visitors. Boasting facilities and features that match international standards, the port will play host to a million tourists.

Connecting Vietnam, Thailand and the Preah Sihanouk province the port aims to boost visitors to the region by the thousand’s week by week. With many travellers hugely dependent on water transport links whilst visiting the continent, the port is crucial to ongoing developments in Kampot’s tourism sector.

Funding from the Asia Development Bank, to the tune of $18 million was approved back in 2014, and after several setbacks the construction is now near completion. Opening new opportunities for destinations like the Angkor Temple, Phnom Sorsia Caves and the Bokor National Park, excitement in the surrounding area has resonated through the locals and is currently attracting the interests of investors from further afield.  

As with any development of this size and nature, the trickle-down effect boosts opportunities for goods and services in the area, especially those looking to support the increase tourism. With an extra million tourist expected through the port each year accommodation, shopping, dining and health industries will all be relying heavily on foreign investment.

With the backing of government tourism initiatives, Kampot is looking towards developers and investors to build up the surrounding area into a thriving resort which capitalises on the new passing trade. Opportunities for shopping malls, theatres, retail, hotels, resorts and accommodation offer great potential for real ROI.

The port itself is in the Tuek Chhou district located in Cambodia’s southern economic corridor. The expected boost to tourism across the region benefitting neighbouring provinces such as Kep, Koh Kong and Preah Sihanouk. As a key infrastructure component, the port will provide greater logistical access and connectivity for the entire country.

With a second seaport in the Kep province already through the planning phase and seeking funding, opportunities to fill the gaps are on the horizon. Massive investment from China’s One Belt initiative has seen billions of dollars already pumped into upgrading transport links and infrastructure across the country, the addition of the seaports create fantastic new links with Southeast Asian tourism hotspots, Thailand and Vietnam.  

As one of the Cambodian Economies four main supporting sectors, tourism plays a huge part in the countries ongoing expansion. With 5.6 million tourists last year bringing an estimated 3.6 billion dollars, where tourism flows, return of interest grows. The new seafront projects in the southern provinces promise to double down on tourism figures, accounting for more growth, more prosperity and opportunity for national and international investors looking to cash in on Cambodia’s increasing collateral.

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