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    Leander Group
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    Joint Venture Partner
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Our joint venture partner for CDG is Leander Group is a private investment boutique focused on land acquisition and development, providing access to alternative investment opportunities in Asia Pacific’s frontier markets — and beyond.

LeanderCB Consultants Ltd. was founded by Tim Blair in Hong Kong in 2016 and subsequently expanded into the broader Leander Group, which focuses on a range of alternative investment projects and investor solutions in frontier real estate markets.

Having raised over $65 million over 3 years — mainly via a strong distribution network in HK and China — Leander Group strategically refocused in 2017 to move up the value-chain into real estate acquisition, development and deal origination, identifying Cambodia as its target emerging market. Leander Group offers investors various investment structures to access this exciting high growth sector, which include:
  • Convertible debt opportunities 
  • Early round equity opportunities 
  • Joint venture opportunities 
  • Proprietary interests in land and/or end-units via master-plan investments 
  • Distressed debt acquisitions and workouts 


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