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We are Szczepaniak Astridge. A research-led architecture and design practice. Our home is Soho, London, but we work across the world. As a practice, we share a common passion for the spaces and experiences we imagine and build; that they should awaken the senses and offer value, both commercially and emotionally.


We are born from a restless philosophy, one that for now, marries our artistic
spirit with a scientific rigour. It helps us see the alternative; to view constraints as opportunity and deliver at a standard above.


A concern for the planet stands with us at each step, so the questions we ask guide us; how do we ensure materials are ethically sourced; can we reuse or reimagine; how do we consider both individual and the collective?


Be it a home or office space. An installation or retail environment. We understand the spaces we shape, materials we touch, and light we unfurl; offer more than just the sum of their parts. We experiment with the unassuming and consider the ephemeral as part of our palette; each choreographed to shape depth and drama.


Together, we create Sensory Architecture.


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